our industrial automation services

We specialize in delivering customized industrial automation services to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our core expertise lies in power house automation, encompassing everything from the design and commissioning of generator control systems to the synchronization of power generation sources. Additionally, we excel in the implementation of SCADA and remote monitoring systems, providing comprehensive solutions across the spectrum of industrial automation.

Generator to generator synchronization

We offer comprehensive solutions for genset synchronization systems, utilizing high-quality controllers such as Comap, Deepsea, Dief, and more.

Generator to grid synchronization

We specialize in mains/grid to genset synchronization systems, leveraging our expertise and utilizing Comap controllers for optimal performance.

Generator to solar synchronization

Our expertise extends to PLC and HMI-based efficient solar to genset synchronization and monitoring systems.

Smart load & power management system

Our Smart Load & Power Management System is designed for intelligent and efficient control of energy resources. With advanced technologies, it optimizes load distribution, enhances power utilization, and ensures a seamless management experience.

SCADA system

We design and commission SCADA systems for monitoring and controlling purpose tailored to the needs of our client.

Remote monitoring via mobile/laptop

We offer remote monitoring solutions that provide essential parameters through an easy-to-use GUI. Accessible on mobile devices, tablets, and PCs via the internet, our app allows monitoring from anywhere in the world.

Generator Controls System

We specialize in designing generator auto controls and safety systems, employing high-quality controllers. For customized needs, we also develop solutions using PLC and HMI technology to ensure precision and flexibility.

PLC programming

Benefit from our team of PLC programming experts as we deliver specialized services in the field of PLC programming.

HMI designing

Unlock intuitive and visually appealing interfaces with our HMI designing services. Our expert team ensures seamless and user-friendly HMI solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Maintenance and troubleshooting

Rely on our dedicated team for comprehensive maintenance and troubleshooting services. We ensure the smooth operation of your systems, promptly addressing any issues and minimizing downtime to keep your operations running seamlessly.